Cathlene Anderson

Cathlene Anderson

Superintendent Message

The staff of Kings River- Hardwick School District welcomes you to our unique charter school. Nestled in the shade of orchards and fields, this pristine campus retains the flavor of its rural roots, while offering students a rigorous and broad curriculum. "Teaching students to lead the way", the vision statement created by parents, students, and staff, expresses the shared belief that a combination of learning and leadership opportunities will prepare students for their future. Our staff of highly qualified teachers perform as a concerted team to support the learning goals of each student. A tradition of high expectations and graduates prepared for high school and beyond speak to the professional training and qualifications of teachers as well as the strength in classified support staff. All staff members are involved in reviewing data and planning for the success of each student. Grade levels make use of standards-based benchmark assessments and common tools such as the "Step-up to Writing" program to provide aligned instruction and assessment expectations.

Students have the advantage of enrolling in a variety of music and art courses, designed to support academic success as well as provide a foundation of fine arts education. In addition, students may join campus clubs, compete on academic and athletic teams, and serve as officers and peer mediators. All graduating students devote time to improving their community as willing volunteers. All students benefit from a close school and family connection. The many opportunities for parent volunteers are eagerly filled. Parents provide significant financial support to the district each year, allowing students to enjoy field trips and activities that would not otherwise be possible. A stable and supportive Board voices the foundation for our school with its core values:

• A focus on student success

• Assurance of the long-term financial stability and viability of the district

• The mutual responsibility of the district and teachers to students and parents

School Description

Kings River-Hardwick Elementary School is located in the northern region of Hanford and serves students in grades transitional kindergarten through eight following a traditional calendar. At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, 823 students were enrolled, including 6.4% in special education, 4.6% qualifying for English Language Learner support, and 30.9% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch.